Thor MX

The Thor Mx LogoThor Motocross is one of the larger brands within the mx apparel industry.

Founded by the swedish racer Torsten Hallman.

Torsten is a four-time World Champion and have 37 Grand Prix victories on his record. He is also one of the men to really introduce the sport of motocross to the United States back in the late 1960’s.

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How the brand THOR came together

After his career ended, he became a dealer in Sweden and also started to sell pants and gloves at races. This he did from the trunk of his car.

The dealership grew and so did the popularity of the gear he created. This then lead to the launch of THOR motocross gear.

The brand name Thor stands for: Torsten Hallman Original Racewear.

Torsten eventually sold the brand to the american company LeMans Corporation in the late 90’s. They then continued to develop and grow the product range. Now the company is one of the leaders in off-road racing apparel and have heavily influenced the look and function of motocross riding gear.

Thor and the Riders

Thor Mx have during the years supported a lot of big names such as Jeremy McGrath, Rick Johnsson, Jeff Emig and the biggest star of recent time Ryan Villopoto.

Marvin Musquin in his Thor Riding GearThor takes pride in working with the best and also make sure to use their experties. They are working closely with the riders and users to make sure that the products are as good as they can be. With 40 years of experience the brand is known for superior quality and function.

Thor combines design and marketing with superior distribution through Parts Unlimited to reach it’s thousands of dealers and consumers.

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