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Motocross is strongly associated with its brands but also its image. There is a whole industry and lifestyle behind the riding clothes and other specific mx equipment.

These "regular" clothes are often referred to as casual wear, lifestyle wear, or streetwear.

Motocross Streetwear

The fashion is very specific. But it's not just mx brands that are big here, other action sports brands are also on the market. You can say that skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking and mx with several other sports are connected and together form a fashion or style.

The biggest brand within the mx industry, Fox Head, today is as famous for its lifestyle clothes.

We Recommend Streetwear - Hoodies

Oakley - Pennycross

Oakley - Pennycross Hoody

Price: $60

Fox - Leagacy Fheadx Zip

FOX - Legacy Huvtröja

Price: $34.99

Troy Lee Designs - Step Up

Troy Lee Designs - Step Up Huvtröja

Price: $55

What is Streetwear?

Well, it's a pretty broad concept and perhaps a bit difficult to fully explain.

Streetwear can have sporty elements or more fashionable, and nerdy music, references. One can say that there are two "schools" in streetwear. One goes towards clean stuff with one solid color, while the other one maybe is a bit more crazy with colors and patterns.

It's about attitude and apparel ranging from T-shirts | Hoodies | Hats to Headphones. Often, there are different brands that create trends and becomes the leader in the current market.

Listen up: For us, and many others, it is a style of clothing that reflects a lifestyle. And that is in our case - Motocross!

What Brands are the Right ones?

That is of course very personal and individual. Many times stuff & brands are often trending and "hot" for a period.

We, however, want you to consider our "industry". Meaning, buy stuff from the brands that work in the world of motocross. It is money that is often invested back into the sport. And that is, of course, good and positive for us motocross lovers.

Here are a couple of brands that are hot right now. Check out there top sellers:

  • DC - Global extreme sports brand started by Ken Block. 
  • Neff - Started by doing headwear but have since branched out.
  • Fox - The Mx & Casual Wear market leader.
  • Oakley - The best Goggles wasn't enough. Now look at them.
  • New Era - Founded in 1920 !!!. They have a large range of streetwear.

Virtually all major brands within the MX riding gear niche have some street clothes in their line up. In some cases that might just be hats and a couple of t-shirts. But many also have a very wide range of clothes from top to toe.

We Recommend Streetwear - Hats

DC - RD Champion

DC - RD Champion Keps

Prce: $26

Alpinestars - Divert Cap

Alpinestars - Divert Keps

Price: $29

Shift - 3LUE Flexfit

Shift - 3LUE Keps

Price: $34.95


There you have it! Some products you'll might enjoy and like. Hopefully it will help you find the stuff for you.

..and remenber: Ride to Live - Live to Ride

Ok, so you have just read some info about mx streetwear. Is there anything you feel we missed out on or if you have any questions? Let us know! Get in touch here.