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Jerseys, Pants & Gloves..

Ok, let's speak some cold hard truths here.

A good-looking, safe and nice fitted set of motocross riding apparel (jersey, pants, and gloves) is probably one of the least important pieces on your motocross gear list as far as protection and functionality go

But we do not just do that...or?!

Mx Gear - Jersey, Pants and Gloves

..No, of course not, we also want to look good and enjoy the clothes we ride in. And all of a sudden it will be a relatively central part of our riding gear.

Listen: The statement above may have some funny tone in it. But the fact is that the motocross clothing is not particularly important to your safety. It is instead, the helmet, the boots, goggles and other protection products that are the most important ones.

However, you will buy & choose riding gear that you think looks good. After all, it is the most visible part of your mx gear.

But, above all, you want products that can hold up to the amount of wear and tear riding dirt bikes actually brings.

What Riding Gear to Buy?

Jump straight to the piece you are most interested in:

The sort and brand of gear you choose to buy are usually dependent on a number of different things.

Number #1 probably beeing your budget.

Other factors that may also play a role are if you have a favorite brand, what brands your local store has in stock or if you prefer to buy when there is a sale going on.

But there are also a few other things to keep in mind. More about that further down.

Motocross apparel & riding gear can sometimes more or less just look like different colors and designs but that is not entirely true. We will try and explain some things to look for, just read more down below.

Mx Pants | Buying - What to look for

I may sound lika captain obvious here but - Look for pants that fit you, and I mean YOU! That beeing your shape, your legs, and your butt.

A good fit is everything when it comes to dirt bike pants!

We Recommend Motocross Pants

Troy Lee Designs - GP Air Vert

Troy Lee Designs - GP Air Crossbyxa

Price: $82.80

Fox - 360 Creo MX

Fox - 360 Creo Mx Byxa

Price: $104.97

THOR - Phase Vented Doppler

THOR - Phase Vented Byxa

Price: $124.99

If you are using the right riding technique you grip your bike with your knees and therefore this area is a exposed to a lot of wear. The fabric around that area is very important. This is mostly some sort of kevlar.

When you ride you are constantly moving around. You bend your hips, knees, and legs more or less all the time. Pants that fit too tight or too loose is a no go.

A lot of the pants on the market are made from a nylon composite material which is pretty tough, dries quickly when wet and is resistant to wear and tear.

You also want to have a pair of pants that look good, with colors that you like. Maybe also a color combination that fit with the rest of your gear and the bike you ride.

Pro Tip: When you try on the pants, do it together with your knee protection and boots. You must have some mobility around your knees to be able to move well and smoothly on the bike.

MX Jersey | Buying - Find the perfect one for you

Back in the day, meaning the 1980's, motocross jerseys were not anything more then just long-sleeved T-shirts with some ironed-on logos. Today this is not the case, at all. The jerseys have come a long way in terms of material, fit, ventilation, cuffs and the design.

This can make it a bit complicated to choose the best jersey for yourself, we can hopefully help you out a bit.

Most mx-jerseys on the market are made of some kind of nylon or polyester like material. This is a material that is of high quality and can handle a lot of wear. It also dries very quickly.

Make sure if fits together with your protective gear and doesn't sit to tight around your neck or arms.

We Recommend Motocross Jerseys

Shift - Faction

Shift - Faction Crosströja

Price: $29.95

Alpinestars - Racer Braap

Alpinestars - Racer Braap Crosströja

Price: $25.95

THOR - Prime Fit Rohl

THOR - Prime Fit Rohl Crosströja

Price: $59.95

Pro Tip: Something of extra importance is that the shirt doesn't sit to tight around your wrists. This may otherwise inhibit blood flow, which can in turn lead to a arm pump.

Usually, however, the collars are made of stretchable Lycra so it shouldn't be a problem.

If you often ride in very hot and sticky weather, it is nice and welcome with a jersey that has special material and details for the best possible ventilation.

On the contrary, if you ride in the winter months. Then it's extra nice with more and warmer material near the body.

Mx Gloves - Important to find the Right ones

Maybe a bit overlooked, motocross gloves are an important part of your riding apparel. Your hands are an important point of contact between you and your motorcycle.

You should, in fact, spend a lot of time and money trying different models to find the right gloves for your hand and your riding style.

Blisters are a major problem that many are affected by, I know I am. The glove together with sweat and the friction that occurs makes it easy to form blisters on the hand that then burst and get sore. It is extremely painful and makes it more or less impossible to ride. With along healing process, it may force you to take long breaks between your rides.

A glove that fits perfect on your hand can significantly reduce the risk of blisters.

We Recommend Motocross Gloves

Leatt - GPX 4.5 Lite

Leatt - GPX 4.5 Crosshandske

Price: $54.99

Troy Lee Designs - SE Pro

Troy Lee Designs - SE Pro Crosshandske

Price: $32.00

FOX - 360 Grav

Fox - 360 Grav Crosshandske

Price: $38.95

Our hands look very different from one another. Here are some things to look for when it's time to buy a new pair.

Number #1 beeing a good fit!

Do this when Buying a New Pair

Put them on and form your hand as if you were holding onto your handlebars, make sure they feel comfortable in that position. Be aware of any seams that may cause any rub. Also look to make sure they don't bunch up in your palm with your hand curled.

Once you've found a model that suits you and your hand perfectly. Then make sure to buy more than one pair. This way you'll always have a new pair when the old ones are worn out.

A smart way to stay ahead!

Tip: Do you race? Ok, then you might already know this but anyways..

Make sure to never ever start a race with a completely new pair of gloves. If it's time for new ones make sure to use them a couple of times before. This will (hopefully) prevent you from blisters.

What to do when money is tight?

Buying yourself a complete set of motocross gear can often be a gradual process, not everyone (does anyone really?) has the cash to get it all at once.

Riding gear for dirtbike and off road riding is simply very expensive. Especially considering all the different products needed.

Most of us buy something from time to time and update the riding equipment over time, and over the years. I guess only a few of us got the budget to buy everything in bulk.

Some buying tips if you have a more limited budget:

One tip is to buy gear combos, or sets - the total buying amount is higher (one-off) but you can save quite a bit on your total purchase. With a gear set you get both the jersey and pants, sometimes even the gloves are included.

Why this might be a smart idea? Yes, the initial purchase price is certainly higher, but on the total and the cost per item can be quite a lot cheaper.

Should money be real tight and you, therefore, have to prioritize and choose just one piece of clothing gear. This is how we feel you should think in that case.

The order to prioritize your purchase within the different items:

  • 1
    The Mx Pants - Pants are important from many angles. They are the biggest contact point between you and the dirt bike. So they are exposed to a lot of wear. You also want to have good quality material between you and hot surfaces like the engine, silencers, and exhaust pipes.
  • 2
    The MX Gloves - Good gloves are very important for your hands. They are an important contact area between you and your motorcycle. The friction between the glove and the grip can create blisters and skin patches. So make sure your gloves fit your hands perfectly.
  • 3
    The MX Jersey - After all, it's only a shirt and you probably already have a lot of them. There are of course different materials that fit well on different occasions. But the jersey is more or less only about your looks out there on the track. 

Which Store is the Best for you to buy your Gear?

That question is difficult, not to say, impossible to answer.

There is a lot of factors involved here and it depends on different things.

But hey, you are after all here, on a site dedicated to Motocross gear. So, of course, we'll have some shopping tips coming your way.

Find Stores with Mx Riding Gear

To make it a bit easier for you. We have done some of the work for you. Scroll thru the different stores that we recommend. I can almost guarantee that you'll find the perfect dealer for your gear needs.

If you live near a good merchant, we recommend that you visit that store.

All kinds of protection and riding gear that are size sensitive is best to buy in a place where you can try the different products first. It gives the best end result!

However, if you are an along ways of your nearest local shop, online shopping is a good alternative. Most of today's e-commerce stores have good buying terms.

Happy shopping!

Ok, you have just read some information about the riding gear. Is there anything you feel we missed out on or if you have any questions? Let us know! Get in touch here.