Picture of a Supercross CrashRiding dirt bikes and motocross is alot of fun, but it can also be dangerous.

To help prevent the risks involved you need to wear the best and correct fitting protective gear.

Picking the right protective gear, that fits you perfectly, will ensure that you have the most fun possible, while staying as safe as possible.

It doesn’t mather wether you are a pro or a beginner;

  • at some point you will crash.

If you then have the right gear on – you will hopefully be able to just brush the dust of and get back on the bike.

The different protective gear needed

Other then the important products that you can see a mx rider wearing such as helmet, boots and clothing. There is also alot going on underneath all that.

If we take it from top to bottom (this is if you would use everything that is avaliable, not all do though):

  • Goggles
  • Neck brace
  • Back Protector
  • Chest Protector
  • Elbow Guards
  • Kidney Belt
  • Knee guard or Knee brace.

As you can see the amount of different protection products is quite big.

That also means that the cost of all products will be quite high.

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Down below we’ll list all the different protection gear and give you a rundown on why the different products is important.

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Motocross Goggles

100% Strata Goggle

A lot of motocross riders say that without the goggles they have a feeling of being naked – and that may well be the case.

Putting on the goggles is many times the last thing you do before you ride away. It’s kind of a ritual thingy..

Dirt bikes kick up a lot of dirt and debris, along with keeping your eyes free from that while riding, the goggles also protect your eyes from trauma in case of a crash.

A good pair of motocross goggles should fit comfortably while you are wearing a helmet, and should have enough ventilation to prevent fogging. It is always best to buy your dirt bike goggles after you’ve purchased your helmet so you can ensure they both fit well together.

Also be sure to order a pack of tear-offs and an extra lens along with your goggles to maintain clear vision when you race.

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Motocross Elbow Guards

Troy Lee Designs 2016 Elbow Guards

Elbow guards is actually a very important piece of your safety and protection.

Your elbows is the bodypart that is least protected by the bike and fenders, they therefore get hit by a lot of roost and debree. They also stick out quite a bit from the rest of your body and are more exposed because of that.

When you fall over with your bike, your elbows will almost everytime hit the ground first.

If you are riding trails – trunks and limbs from trees can do quite the damage if you get hit at the wrong place, since your elbows is the one part that tends to stick out the most, they are more likely to take the hit.

A good pair of elbow guards provide impact and abrasion protection from almost anything on the track or trail.

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Motocross Knee Guards

Fox Racing Titan Knee Guards

Knee Guards do for your knees what elbow guards do for elbows.

When riding your knees are closer to the ground and are more susceptible to roost and other riders. The roost can be pretty bad and large rocks can hurt you quite a bit.

In case of a crash, your knees will take a large part of the impact. If the ground is hard or full of rocks, you can substain a serious injury. Even falling over into soft sand means your knee taking the weight of a 400lb bike.

Knee guards protect your knees from crashes and other impacts that can happen when riding a track or trail.

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Motocross Knee Braces

PodMX K300 Knee Brace
PodMX K300 – Go to Store!

Cornering is one of the hardest skills to master on a mx bike. It takes a lot of training to get it right, maybe you’ll never be the total cornermaster.

The right way to do it is to drop your foot and glide around the curve. The problem is that your foot and leg is expoused and can grab and get stuck in the track.

A good knee brace could be the difference between riding through it or surgery.

The knee brace is designed to prevent or reduce the severity of knee injuries. It also helps provide stability and limit movement for weak or injured knees.

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Motocross Ankle Support

Allsport Dynamics 144 Ankle Support
A.D. 144 Ankle Support – Go to Store!

With all the bones that make up your feet and ankle, you have to take in consideration that they are pretty week.

Those bones are not designed to take on the impact riding a 400lb motocross bike can bring.

In case of a fall your leg often acts as a kickstand to prevent the fall and your ankle takes the brunt of the hit.

Since an ankle brace prevents hyperextension and helps stabilize and limit the movement, they are a perfect fit for an already injured ankle.

It might not be for everyone but when you’ll need one – you’ll be thankful they exists!


Motocross Wrist Guards and Support

Troy Lee Designs Shock Doctor Wrist Support
TLD Shock Doctor Wrist Support – Go to Store!

The wrist guard or wrist support secures the lower part of your forearm. In case of a crash, the wrist brace is designed to prevent hyperextension.

In a typical crash, you put your arms out to stop the fall.

If you’re not wearing a wrist guard your hand can snap back, at worst breaking your wrist, and at the very least stretching tendons. These injuries could keep you off the bike for a very long time.

Riding with a wrist brace can feel constraining at first, if you’re not used to wearing one. The tip is to then start by using basic protection until you get the feel of riding with one.

A good wrist support also helps to stabilize and prevent further hyperextension in case you have a previously injured wrist.

There you have it. Every single piece of protection is important.

Make sure that, what ever piece you end up buying, the fit is perfect.

Thanks and Good Luck!