Motocross Apparel

Answer Rockstar Motocross ApparelA good looking, safe and nice fitted set of motocross riding apparel (jersey, pants and gloves) is probably one of the least important pieces on your motocross gear list as far as protection and functionality goes. But if you are out on the track desperately pretending to look like a pro, and of course you are, it’s definitely the most important part of your gear. But jokes aside, the apparel isn’t that important for your safety but different gear brands are good at different things. You want products that can hold up to the amount of wear and tear riding dirt bikes actually brings.

What mx gear should you go for?
The sort and brand of gear you choose to buy is usually dependent on a number of different things, number one probably being your budget. Other aspects could be your preferred brand, favorite dealer, deals and discounts etc. But there’s a few other things to keep in mind. Motocross apparel can sometime more or less just look like different colors and designs but that is not entirely true. We will try and explain some things to look for, read more down below.

Motocross Pants
Look for pants that fit you (duh?), that have some sort of durable material (usually Kevlar) on the inside of the knee and a pair that you think look good. The fabric of the area around your knees is important. When using the right riding technique you grip your bike with the knees and therefore this area is a exposed to a lot of wear. A lot of the pants on the market are made from a nylon composite material which is pretty tough, dries quickly when wet and is resistant to wear and tear.

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Motocross Jersey
Most jerseys is made of some nylon type material because, like the pants, they dry quickly when wet and are resistant to wear. Make sure if fits together with your protective gear and doesn’t sit to tight around your neck and wrists. Usually the collars are made out of stretchable Lycra so that shouldn’t be a problem. When riding in hot weather it is a nice and welcome feature if the jersey is equipped with some sorts of vented areas.

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Motocross Gloves
Maybe a bit overlooked, gloves is an important part of your riding apparel. Things to look for in a pair of gloves are, firstly, a good fit. Put them on and form your hand to the shape that it would be if you were holding onto your handlebars, make sure they feel comfortable in that position. Be aware of any seams that may cause any rub. Also look to make sure they don’t bunch up in your palm with your hand curled.

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What if money is tight?
Getting yourself a complete set of motocross gear can be a gradual process, not everyone has the cash to get it all at once. One tip is to buy gear combos – the total buying amount is higher (one off) but you can save quite a bit on your total purchase. If money is real tight and you are out to buy only one piece of apparel – go for the pants first, then gloves and at last the jersey. Why that order then? The pants are important in many ways. You need to have some sort of protection from the engine and exhaust heat as well as a good amount of fabric on your behind. Gloves is good for your palms and to protect them from to much wear and of course blisters. The jersey is more or less just jersey and isn’t that important to your riding but you still want to look good.