James Stewart to use Gaerne boots during 2014 season

James Stewart and Gaerne Boots

The two-time AMA Supercross Champ James “Bubba” Stewart will race in new boots, well just not new boots, but also a new brand. The Yoshimura Suzuki rider has signed a multi-year deal with Italian brand Gaerne. James, who previously was affiliated with Nike, will ride and race in Gaerne’s SG 12 mx boot.

The plan is to further down the line use his own line at Seven MX and to create some special realeases between the two companys. Probably something that was one of Bubba’s keys for signing with Gaerne.

Here’s what James himself had to say about this:

I’m really excited to be doing something new here.  Gaerne was genuine with their interest as soon as they heard I was free and that meant a lot to me.

But outside of that, riding in the SG-12 was the icing on the cake.  I tested every boot out there and I honestly liked the SG-12 the best.  I’m really excited that we have a relationship to build on going into the future.

The people at Gaerne are equally exited. Here’s Bob Rathcamp from Gaerne take on the deal:

Having an athlete like James on the starting line at A-1 wearing Gaerne boots is really exciting for our brand World-Wide. When we heard that Nike was terminating their Motocross Boot effort we jumped on the phone right away! James has been super cool and we look forward to working with him for years to come!

What we think here at Mx-Gear.com:

It was a bit surprising to see James end up with Gaerne. We have known for a while that the Nike, boots that is, deal was up and was probably expecting him to go with Alpinestars or something lika that. I guess a big part of this deal was the fact that there are no problems with him having his own clothing brand. Instead they are planning som special co-ops.

After seeing James at the first few rounds of AMA Supercross series we really dig the look between Seven gear and the Gaerne boots. Keep it up!