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The most important part of your gear..

We can with certainty say that the most important bit of motocross gear you'll ever own and wear is a Helmet.

Motocross and off road riding are high-speed sports and with speed comes the risk of crashes and injuries. Your head is the most precious part of your body and the one that is the most difficult to repair.

Motocross Helmets

In a high-speed crash, the risk of an injury is quite high. The most important, and also the most fragile thing, part of the body is your head and brain.

Unfortunately, it's also very difficult to repair. Even for the very best doctors and surgeons.

Make sure you protect your head in the best possible way! This is, in fact, true regardless of the sport you're interested in.

You do this by buying a really good fitting quality motocross helmet!

When it's time to buy a helmet, there are a number of things you need to know and consider. We'll try to do our best to guide you in the right direction.

But as usual, your requirements and wishes a big part of the buying process aswell. Therefore, we can only point you in the right direction, the final decision is yours to make!

We Recommend Motocross Helmets

Shoei - VFX-W Damon

Crosshjälm - Shoei VFX-W

Price: $459.99

Fox - V2 Rohr

Crosshjälm - Fox V2 Rohr

Price: $179.97

Scorpion - VX-15 Evo Air

Crosshjälm - Scorpion VX-15

Price: $149.95

The Different kinds of Safety Standards

When looking for a helmet you should be aware of the different kinds of safety standards that are out there.

These standards are there to help you pick a helmet that has been tested and have met, or exceeded, the different levels of safety standards applied. Different parts of the world have their "own" standards.

  • In the United States, the applicable standard is the Department of Transportation, more known as DOT.
  • In Europe, on the other hand, it's the ECE 22.05 which is the standard in over 50 countries.
  • Great Britain has their own British Standard (BS) and in Australia, helmets have to be Australian Standards certified.

The standard considered to be the leader is, however, the Snell Memorial Foundation. The Snell rating is done worldwide and is the one to look for.

Listen: Please make sure that the helmet you buy at least meets the requirements of one of the major certifications. If you buy your helmet from a trusted and competent shop, I can guarantee you that it is approved.

Look for a sticker

Tested and certified dirt bike/motocross helmets will have a sticker on the rear of the shell saying which standard they conform to.

Here are a rundown and comparison of the different safety ratings. They base this on motorcycle helmets but it's more or less the same.

En Crosshjälms Passform

How the new helmet fits on your head is the most important part.

A very expensive helmet that is fitted no good - is a big waste of money.

The motocross helmet should fit perfectly on your head and not feel tight in any area. Bear in mind that the innerliner will compress a little after you start wearing it. So if it feels just a little too tight when you first try it, it will probably end up just right.

When you are trying & fitting Helmets

Pro Tip: Make sure you push it back and forward on your head. It should wrinkle your brow when pushed forward and should not slide back on your head when pushed backwards. If it feels like it rises slightly on the head when you move it backwards, it may be the wrong size.

Different people have different shaped heads so some helmets will fit better than others.

This is why you shouldn't take your friend's favorite helmet and buy the one he or she likes the most, at least not before you have tested it properly.

Different Helmets - Different Features

Consider what features you think are important when deciding what type of helmet to buy. Then use our interactive chart and choose your preferences to see which helmets fit your selections.

Dirt bike helmets all have different features such as venting, weight, appearance, and price.

We advise you to spend the most you can afford on your helmet, after all - it's a pretty important piece of gear.

Things to consider when Buying a Mx Helmet:

  • Does the helmet have a removable liner? - These are very convenient for washing, there's nothing worse than a smelling helmet.
  • What is the construction of the helmet shell? - There are all sorts of constructions on the market now, carbon fiber/kevlar, fiberglass shells, and composite fiber shells.
  • Is the helmet light or a bit on the heavy side? - The weight of the helmet can be a factor, especially if you wear it during a longer period. A lighter helmet is preferred.
  • Crash replacement? - Some manufacturers have a crash replacement policy in place. This can help you a lot if the worst case scenario would occur.

One to also consider is that different brands of helmets have differently sized eyeports.

For example, Arnette and Scott goggles seem to have bigger frames than other goggle brands, so make sure your goggles can fit in the eyeport of the helmet.

Where to buy the Helmet?

You can make some great savings if you buy online, but the problem is you will then buy the helmet untested.

If your online shop of choice, for us it's a given, have good customer service and handles returns in a great manner then you won't have much trouble buying online though.

You might be better off heading down to your local dealer, if possible of course, and try on some helmets and decide what suits you the best. But if you do so please also buy the helmet there. They exist for a reason.

If you have your helmets already tested and just want to make the purchase, then online is the way to go.

Find Stores with Mx Helmets for sale

To make it a bit easier for you. We have done some of the work. Scroll thru the different stores that we recommend. I can almost guarantee that you'll find the perfect dealer for your helmet needs.

Buying a Second-Hand Helmet?

We get the question if it is ok to buy a used helmet a lot. And we understand. The cost of buying a helmet is high, very high in some cases.

But we - strongly advise against buying a second-hand MX-helmet!

The big problem is that you'll have no idea what's been done to it.

Even if it looks like it's in good condition from the outside. The inner cast may have been damaged without anything visual from the outside. If the helmet has been involved in a serious crash it might be just about ready for the trash.

Our Recommendation is:

Always buy a new motocross helmet instead of a used one!
And do so from a trusted retailer.

This also applies when you have been involved in a major crash - time to buy a new helmet.

Ok, you have just read some info about off road helmets. Is there anything you feel we missed out on or if you have any questions? Let us know! Get in touch here.