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Protect your eyes & vision..

Motocross and enduro are fast-paced outdoor sports.

On the track and in the forest there are natural elements that influence your vision. Together with the wind, these factors can give quite big vision and visibility problems.

Protecting your sight with a pair of motocross goggles is really a must!

But when it comes to your eyes, the goggles isn't only for protection. They are more or less a must. Without them it is almost impossible to ride!

Motocross Goggles

Factors & situations when the Goggles will help you:

  • The wind will make your eyes tear up and that makes it hard or almost impossible to ride.
  • When the weather is bad and the track is wet you'll want to protect your eyes from the wet & dirt.
  • You often have competitors, or friends who ride at the same time. Equals = Roost.

Listen: Choosing the right goggles is no science. But there are still some tips we can give you along the way. You can read more about these further down on the page. We have tried to include all aspects of the process.

Why You Need Mx-Goggles

Many motocross-riders will tell you that they without goggles on, sometimes feel naked - and I know that feeling.

The goggles are usually the last thing you put on before you ride. It's sort of a ritual for many of us.

When the goggles are on - you're ready to shred!

We Recommend Dirt Bike Goggles

Scott - Hustle MX Vice

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100% - Accuri Goggle

100% - Accuri Crossglasögon

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Oakley - Airbrake MX Factory

Oakley - Airbrake MX Factory Crossglasögon

Price: $160

Dirt- & off road bikes have very knobby tires. This is good for traction but it also causes a lot of roost. The goggles are there to protect your vision from this debree. Without a clear vision, riding is virtually impossible.

Being totally roosted in a sandy turn or on a wet part of the track is nothing anyone wants - but with the goggles on we will be able to keep on riding! Yeejhhh!

You should choose goggles dependent of fit and quality. Do not focus to much on brand och color.

What to consider when buying Off Road & Mx Goggles

A pair of good mx-goggles should fit and feel good together with your helmet! That's the most important thing, so make sure that is the case for you.

It is always best to buy your goggles after you buy the helmet.

The reason for this is that you need to make sure that they fit together. The eyeport of different helmets are both of different shapes and sizes. You don't want a google that is either too big or too small. Then they might not work properly.

Find Your Online Store for Goggles

Buying goggles isn't that hard. But the market is flooded with brands and different models. First, you need to find a good shop. And that, we can help you with. Check out our recommended stores here.

They also need to have good ventilation to prevent fog.

A well-ventilated goggle will more or less stop it from fogging up. Because fog is your number one enemy..

Also, check the foam on the inside of the frame and how many layers it consists of. It should be thick for good sweat absorption, but still not too thick so they won't fit properly.

Pro Tip: When you buy dirt bike goggles remember to always buy at least one extra lens and a pack of tear-offs. I can guarantee it will be needed sooner or later. You will thank me when that happens!

Buy Goggles with Tear Offs or Roll Offs?

That is one of the questions that we might not have a straight answer to.

It comes down to personal preference. Some prefer and pray by this way and vice versa.

Our advice is to try & test yourself and see ( 🙂 ) what you like the best. But hey, we can't just leave you with that right. So here is some additional info for you to consider:

Fog - How to get rid of it?

It can be very frustrating if you often have problems with fog. It's more or less impossible to see through a fogged up lens.

Most often, the problem occurs in humid conditions and when the temperature changes.

It can also vary from person to person, I'm thinking it might have something to do with body temperature and how much you sweat.

In todays market, there are good goggles with double-lens that, to a large extent, prevent the appearance of fog. If you have problems with fog and haven't yet tested double-lens, do it.

There are also different sprays out there that may not prevent, but at least, makes it a bit harder for the fog.

Pro Tip: In the worst case, you can try to open up small ventilation holes in the foam. But that's not to recommend when you ride in very dusty conditions.

Changing helmet to a totally different model might also be an option. Air moves differently and that also applies to our exhalation air, some helmet designs may suit you better than others.

Ok, you have just read some info about off road goggles. Is there anything you feel we missed out on or if you have any questions? Let us know! Get in touch here.