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The Fox logoFox Racing, or Fox Head Inc as the company is called, is the worlds best selling brand in motocross gear.

They have established themselfs as the number one brand by developing great products and using the best mx riders to promote them.

Legends such as Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Jeremy McGrath, Rick Johnsson and Mark Barnett have all worked with Fox and helped them to develop and build this magnificent brand.

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The Fox brand history

Fox Motocross first saw it’s light in the early 1970’s, Geoff Fox started to distribute european products to the american market under the company name Moto-X Fox.

During this time the suspension revolution surfaced and Geoff and his brother Gabe were in this market aswell, all to establish the Fox name. To further strenghten the brand and to show that their products were superior Fox started a professional motocross team, Team Moto-X, in 1977.

The racers in team Moto-X Fox wore their own handmade gear. The apparel was very colourful and quickly became a hit among fans and other racers.

When the questions about the gear kept coming, Geoff soon recognized the opportunity and changed the direction of the brand. The companys first national championship came in 1980 when Mark Barnett won the titel. Soon the titles kept coming and to this date the company has won over 40 national championships.

Where and What the Brand Fox is Today

Today the brand Fox is more than a motocross apparel brand and has extended their range and penetrated a lot of other sports, for exampel: surfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.

The brand is also a large player with in streetwear and lifestyle clothing.

To further show that the company is so much more than just mx the company changed name i 2006 from Fox Racing to Fox Head inc.

Today, the Fox head logo is one of the most recognized apparel logos in the world!

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