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A MUST in you gear set up..

Riding dirt bikes requires several must-haves to ensure your personal safety and continuing years of fun.

One of theese must-haves is the Motocross Boots!

A quality pair of dirt bike boots is possibly the second best investment in safety gear you can buy (second only to the helmet).

Motocross Gear - The Boots

With that said, the boots is something you really want to spend time and money on.

Good dirt bike or off road boots are nothing you'll want to walk around with, even though they've gotten better at that during recent years too.

They are primarily designed for one thing - that is to protect your feet & ankle and make you a better rider!

Listen: The level of your riding is not important. No mather if you're a pro or weekend warrior, it's still very easy to injure an ankle or foot if you're not wearing the right foot protection.

The Boots protects you while riding Mx or Off Road

The boots keeps you protected from a series of risks and things that can happen on the track or out in the woods.

For example:

  • gravel and rocks from other riders
  • if you should be hit or run over by other racers
  • in case you'll squash your bike between rocks or tree stumps
  • and of course when you crash. And yes, you will!

If you like to ride off-road and enduro, then you are at even greater risk of getting hurt. Out in the woods, you have trees, rocks, roots, boulders and lot of different elements that somehow might get in your way.

With a pair of less good boots, you will not get the protection required against it all. Not even a pair of really good work boots with good ankle protection will be able to protect you in a good way.

That's why a good pair of quality Mx Boots is a must!

We Recommend Motocross Boots

Scott - 250 MX

Scott - 250 MX Crosstövel

Price: $249.99

Alpinestars - Tech 5

Alpinestars - Tech 5 Motocrosstövel

Price: $269.95

SIDI - Crossfire 2 SRS

Sidi - Crossfire 2 SRS Crosstövel

Price: $495

What to think about when shopping för Mx Boots?

When it's time for you to buy new riding boots, it's more or less like when your shopping for any kind of shoe.

You must try the boot you are interested in.

Of course, this is best to do at your local dealer. But if that isn't an possible option, you can go online and there find good service and, in many cases, a much wider range of brands and models.

Most better online stores of today offer good terms for exchange and returns. Testing and trying at home is usually no major problem.

Pro Tip: The stores we work with and recommend have mx-boots from quality brands like Alpinestars, Fox, Thor, Sidi, and Gaerne. We can, therefore, assure you that you will be able to find the right boot for you there.

We all have different feet

Just because someone with the same shoe size like yourself, like a special pair of boots, doesn't mean it's a good fit for you as well.

We all have feet that look very different, even if the actual size is more or less the same. Remember that.

Therefore, it is absolutely a must to try on the boots. Preferably you should also try them on while sitting on a bike. This can, of course, be difficult. But hey, no one is gonna charge you for asking :).

Think about this when you are trying the boots:

  • When you're trying and fitting the boots, make sure to do so together with mx pants and knee protectors. The knee guard is especially important to test with. You want to make sure that it fits with the boot, especially if the knee guard is a long one.
  • Also, be sure to bend your knees and legs to test the fit. You'll want a smooth feeling and not too much resistance.
  • Do not think too much about whether the boots fit together with your other equipment. It's far more important to be well protected than to look good :). Fit, safety, and feel comes first.

By doing the work ahead, you'll then avoid surprises back home when it's time to go riding.

Find Stores with Good Dirt Bike Boots

Let us do some of the work for ya. We have put together a list of different online dealers we feel can help you make a great purchase and deal. Check em out!

Improve your Riding with a Quality Pair of Boots?

Mx Rider in jump

Sounds too good to be true?

In fact not. Motocross boots help you in many ways, not just with protection from serious injuries. 

They also improve your riding technique by providing solid stability when cornering or any time the need to plant your feet is necessary to prevent a fall.

With more than two dozen bones that construct your feet and ankles, they are all small and intricate. Feet and ankles are simply not designed to withstand a high-speed impact on their own.

Moreover, the average weight of a motorcycle is 400 pounds and a canvas shoe or sandals won't provide any protection against the weight of a bike or the heat from the engine and exhaust in the event you lose your balance and fall over.

That is why a good pair of dirt bike boots is a central piece of your riding gear!


Be picky and spend some money on your Mx Boots
- choose the best ones for your feet!

They'll thank you one day!

Ok, you have just read some info about off road boots. Is there anything you feel we missed out on or if you have any questions? Let us know! Get in touch here.