Motocross Boots – Important part of your gear

TCX X-Helium MX BootsRiding a dirt bike requires several must-haves to ensure your personal safety and continuing years of enjoyment.

A quality pair of motocross boots is possibly the second best investment in safety gear you can buy for your riding (second only to a helmet).

The level of your riding is not important. Pro or weekend warrior , it’s still very easy to injure an ankle if you’re not wearing the right foot protection. And it’s not just your ankles that are at risk, mx racing subjects your feet, ankles and calves to roost, bumps from other riders and of course the impact from falls.

If you are out riding trails you are exposed to different risks like boulders, rocks and tree trumps that your foot have no match against without the right protection.

Work boots, even the best ones, that completely cover the ankle will not properly protect from the different risks motocross might bring.

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Alpinestars Tech-10 Dirt Bike BootsAlpinestars – 2016 Tech-10 Boots

  • Full-grain Leather with lightweight Microfiber
  • Impact & Abrasion-resistant TPU Shell
  • Color: Lots of Colorcombinations
  • Sizes: 7 –> 14
  • C.E. certified to EN 13634:2010
  • Price: from $599

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Improve your Riding with a Quality Pair of Boots

Sounds to good to be true?

In fact not.

Motocross boots help you in many ways, not just with protection from serious injuries. They also improve your riding technique by providing solid stability when cornering or any time the need to plant your feet is necessary to prevent a fall.

With more than two dozen bones that construct your feet and ankles, they are all small and intricate. Feet and ankles are simply not designed to withstand a high speed impact on their own.

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Moreover, the average weight of a motorcycle is 400 pounds and a canvas shoe or sandals won’t provide any protection against the weight of a bike or the heat from the engine and exhaust in the event you lose your balance and fall over.

That is why a good pair of dirt bike boots is a central piece in your riding gear!

What to Look for in The Best MX boots

When shopping for boots the best thing is of course to test and fit the boot at your local dealer.

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Fox Racing Comp 5 BootsFox Racing – 2016 Comp 5 Boots

  • Best Value in MX boot technology
  • Race-bonded outsole
  • Plastic Shin plate – Provides great coverage
  • Color: Lots of Colorcombinations
  • Sizes: 8 –> 15
  • Price: from $199

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But when that isn’t an option, shopping online is a very good alternative and sometimes even a better choice.

Online you’ll find a large selection and almost all the different brands. This helps you to pick exactly the brand and boot of your choice. Most onlinestores now also have very good service and terms for exchange and returns.

Make sure to use that if they don’t fit all that good.

Here is a good tip for you:

When trying and fitting the boots you are interested in, make sure to fit them with you riding pants and knee protection on. Also make sure to bend your hip and knees to get in the right riding position.

By doing this you then avoid surpsrises back home when it’s time to get to the riding. If you only try the boots with your normal pants on they tend to be to tight when you put on the rest of your ridinggear.

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