Dirt Bike or Off Road Beginner?

Ok, good. You've come to the right place. We want to help you figure out what gear & protective equipment you need when you go riding.

Let's fire this thing up!

As a novice or beginner, it can be hard to get a clear grip on what equipment that really is required. And we totally get it.

There are a lot of different products and gear stuff out there.

If we also start to look at the costs to go riding, it may seem overwhelming. The bike, + gasoline and spare parts, costs a lot of money. Motocross is simply a relatively expensive sport.

In fact, even the cost of the clothing and protective equipment needed, as we are primarily discussing here, may seem overwhelming at first.

That is what we here at Mx-Gear.com are trying to help you with. Get the cost down and help you figure everything out!

Motocross Riding Gear

Whether you are searching for the best price, safest gear, the latest stuff, or just want to look good out on the track, we hope we'll be able to help you.

Especially you - the beginner!


Motocross is a sport, for some a lifestyle, that is enjoyed by thousands and thousands of riders worldwide. That makes me think - you are probably not alone out looking for mxgear - and therefore reading this.

Riding dirt bikes is a lot of fun, but to be honest, the sport can also be a bit dangerous.

So the mx- and protective gear you wear are very important.

How We Help You Find The Right Gear

Motocross riding gear and protective clothing is a fairly broad and comprehensive description of a variety of products used by MX and off-road riders.

Riding requires a lot of equipment!

A lot of the clothes and equipment are crossover items that also can be used for quad bikes, BMX, MTB downhill and more. Which of course makes it easier for you to also engage in any of these sports.

Ok, so let's get into the gear needed. Here we'll walk you thru the different products.

We start from the top and work our way down the body:

  • Helmet
  • Goggles
  • Neckbrace
  • Jersey
  • Gloves
  • Pants
  • Boots

That is, however, only what you see on the outside of the body. Under all this, there are also several important protection products in the form of:

  • Elbow Guards
  • Chest Protectors
  • Back Protector
  • Kidney Belt
  • Knee Guard or Knee Brace

Sometimes it's even more stuff that this.

As you can see there are a lot of stuff needed and the total cost of everything can be a bit steep.

Finding the best prices and best deals can help reduce the cost significantly. That together with doing your research before the purchase to make sure you buy the right products are important aspects pre-purchase.

Here above you can read more detailed and descriptive guides on the different product segments. You will also find a couple of recommended product on each individual page.

There is a lot to keep up with, but I hope we have managed to get it all out there. Hopefully, this will help you when it's time for you to dive in and visit some stores.

When you feel ready to buy, you'll of course, need to know where to go or look.

In order to make it easier for you to find a store, we also have a number of stores that we work with and recommend. These dealers, both online and offline, will help you get the right product at the right price.

Pro Tip: For the beginner, our recommendation is that you visit a local store. This will help you in many ways. You need to try and fit a lot of different products. This will get you a good basic understanding of what will suit you the best.

Find Stores with mx Riding Gear

To make it a bit easier for you to find a good dealer. We've done some of the work for ya. Here you'll get a list of different stores that we really recommend.

In addition to this, we've also created a list of "all" the different brands (hopefully we'll have them all soon) available in the Riding Gear market. Hopefully you'll learn a thing or two and maybe even find a brand that you really like.

Which Products is a Must for the Beginner?

We've mentioned that the cost of buying a new complete riding gear set is pretty high. So we totally understand that for a family to buy everything, is just not possible. And if the money isn't there, you start looking for "shortcuts".

The question one might ask:

"What is an absolute must buy from the start and what can we maybe wait a bit with?"

Our short answer to that question is - nothing. Your security is just so very important!

But...and this is a big BUT. If there is absolutely no room today to buy everything needed. Then this is the order we would prioritize our product purchases:

  • 1
    Helmet - The most importatant part of your gear.
  • 2
    Boots - Maybe a surprise but the boots are very very important.
  • 3
    Back protector
  • 4
  • 5
    Other Protectives
  • 6

Others may have different opinions on which body protection should come first, but this is our recommendation and were sticking to it.

What Gear & Brands are the Best?

The gear market is flooded with brands and different kind of innovations, and new products just keep coming. It can sometimes be a bit overwhelming.

But you can relax - we'll get you sorted.

With the help of our buying guides, blog articles, and overall services, we hope to lead you in the right direction. To educate.

However, naming one brand as the best is just not possible. Because a lot of it comes down to personal choice. But of course, there are brands out there that are more popular than others.

One of these is the market leader, Fox Motocross Racing. Fox has grown over the last decade and has become more than just a manufacturer of riding gear. Instead, it is now a lifestyle brand of that has branches in a variety of action sports.

Other brands worth mentioning are, for example, the Swedish-founded Thor MX, Bell, Scott, and Alpinestars.

But new companies are entering the market and the competition is rising.

This is good for us as consumers. We get to choose between more, newer and better gear, and all this to hopefully lower prices.

Although the cost of different items is important, please remember: – nothing can be More Important than your Own Safety!

Trends & Fashion within the Mx-World

As in virtually any sport or industry, there are trends, fashion, and these swings. This also applies to riding gear.

For those new in the sport, or if you have children interested, it can be hard to keep up.

One month it's this brand or product that is "the one", next month it will probably be another one. Within the mx space, the youth are a big target group and these are what you might call, early adopters.

Listen: The mx scene is very tightly connected with other action sports and the streetwear that applies there. One can say that skateboard, bmx, snowboard and more, together with mx, have created their own segment of street- and lifestyle clothing.

We think it's good that there is a certain amount of trends and style within the industry. It creates a drive and demand. But that can never take the front seat of the most important thing - which is safety.

Therefore, as a rule, when shopping for yourself or your children, follow this priority list:

  • 1
    Safety - Safety Requirements, Size, and Fit.
  • 2
    Compatibility - Will this product fit with others I have.
  • 3
    Money - Don't buy to cheap low quality products. Don't overspend.
  • 4
    Brand, Model and Color - Choose what you like and prefer.

Now there may be times when this does not apply but usually, we want you to try and follow this guide.

What is Motocross & How to get Started?

Mx rider jumping

For those who are new and interested, but who don't really know anything about the sport. Yea, just for you, we have put together this little quick guide to the sport of MX.

What is Motocross?

As the name suggests, motocross is motorcycle racing on off-road circuits.

The design of the circuit makes it a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping sport that makes your heart race and body ache.

The terrain typically includes natural features such as hills and cambers, along with man-made jumps, technical corners, fast straights and rhythm sections.

As you might have noticed around the site, it is referred to as MX. The sport is the motorized big brother of BMX.

Motocross evolved from trials riding in the first half of the 20th century, initially known as scrambling before evolving into the sport we know today.

What do you need to Ride - Bike and Gear?

You obviously need a motorcycle designed for riding off road and in rough terrain. As well as clothing and protective gear. The riding gear we'll help you with here on Mx-Gear.com.

To Ride and Practice

Training and riding are done on a closed course. A motocross bike is not allowed on public roads. Driving on roads requires a motorcycle driving licenses as well as a registered motorcycle.

If You Want To Race

To race, you'll have to go to your countrys sanctioned federation. There you'll find the exact rules and regulations for your country. This can be very country-specific.

Find your federation by swinging the FIM here!

Ok, there you have it. Hopefully, this has answered some (all?) of your questions. I'll see you out on the track!

So, you've just read our Riding Gear beginner introduction. If you have any questions or feel that we missed out on some stuff? Let us know! Get in touch here.