6D Helmets Signs multi World Champ Stefan Everts

Stefan Everts Signs with 6D Helmets

Press Release from 6D Helmets:

Brea, Ca – 6D Helmets is proud to announce a relationship with 10-time World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts.  Stefan, who is widely known as one of the greatest racers of all time, has become a representative for 6D Helmets. Stefan currently is the Motocross Race Director for the Factory KTM team in Europe.  Also, being added to the 6D team will be Stefan’s son, Liam. Liam recently raced in the US, placing third in the KTM Junior SX Challenge at the Monster Energy Cup.  Liam will be wearing the new ATR-1Y (youth) helmet by 6D.

In a recent interview with Racer-X Magazine, Stefan discussed his purpose for his recent trip to the US and went on to say:

I also stopped by 6D helmets because I accepted a position to be an ambassador for them in Europe. I strongly believe in the product that they’ve made. I think it’s the next step and the next level in the safety of helmets. I find it important to help and be behind them. I think safety is the most important thing we can push for in our sport. I also want my son Liam to have the best gear out there for his safety.

Bob Weber from 6D:

Having a guy like Stefan on our team speaks volumes to the value of our Omni Directional Suspension (ODS) technology and the overall concern about safety in our sport. 6D is currently launching into European markets and Stefan will be a big part of our promotional efforts there to help get the word out about the importance of brain protection. Stefan was an early adaptor to our technology and he is constantly working to improve the safety of equipment for his riders, himself, and most importantly his son. We are proud to have Stefan and Liam on the 6D team!

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What we at Mx-Gear.com think:

Getting a guy like Stefan Everst aboard is huge for 6D helmets. The guy is a superstar back in Europe and will do good things for 6D. We also like that it is a family deal with Stefan’s son Liam also racing with the brand. One might wonder what to come there. Hopefully little Liam can take all tha added pressure and do something good about it.