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Mx Gear 2018 – Take a look at the new stuff

2018 is soon upon us! With a new year comes also new collections of dirt bike gear.

Many, almost all, of the big brands now use movies to promote the new stuff. Here’ll find launch movies from almost all of the big manufacturers.


Fox Racing 2018

Shift MX 2018

THOR MX 2018

Answer Racing 2018

Alpinestars 2018

Fly Racing 2018

Troy Lee Designs 2018

O’Neal Mx 2018

Scott 2018

Seven MX 2018

Shot Race Gear 2018

Moose Racing 2018


Ok, that’s a wrap. As you could see we only included the basic riding gear. There are some launch movies for other stuff as well. But I’m pretty sure you know how the search button works over at the mighty “tube” :).

Anything you really dig?

If you feel we missed out on something big. Let us know!

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