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Motocross & Enduro are sports that require good gear & protective equipment. Here at mx-gear.com we'll help you:

  • Find the right Ridin​g Gear & Protection!
  • Find your new favourite store!
  • Learn everything you need to be safe out on the track!

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Mx Riding Gear

Riding Gear

The Jersey, Pants, and Gloves are a very visual part of the equipment package you wear on the track. 



The helmet is the most important part of your equipment. Choose one with great care and of good quality.



The Boots are far more important than you might think. They provide protection, stability and a security.



There are protection products available for your whole body. Protect exposed parts with good products.

Motocross- och enduroglasögon


The goggles are a necessity. Protects your vision from rain, dirt, wind & nature's all elements.



What to wear in the pits? The run down on what to put on, off the bike. Streetwear for the rest of us!

Find Your Store

We'll help you find your store for Motocross & Off-Road Riding Gear. To make it supereasy for you, we list both local shops as well as online retailers.

The Gear you wear is an important part of your riding safety.

A visit to one of our partner stores will help you find the right products!

When riding dirt bikes or enduro – Nothing is more important than your own personal safety. Therefore, put on proper, well-suited protection and good quality gear.

This is Motocross

Sport, hobby and lifestyle - Mx is everything!

Stay safe out there. Good riding gear and protection is an important part to stay healthy.

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